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Copper is used for a variety of thin film applications including as a conductor material in logic and memory devices. Tosoh offers Copper targets for all major OEM PVD systems.


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51  · Copper (Cu) General Information. Copper is one of the most highly utilized

Atomic Number: 29

Diffusion Bonding Performance of Copper Target for

2021622 · The results show that the bonding ratio of copper target was above 99%, and the bonding strength was up to 80-160 MPa. Discover the world's research 20+


Diffusion Bonding Performance of Copper Target for

Ultra-pure copper sputtering target is a key material widely used in large-scale integrated circuits with 90-28 nm feature size. The copper target for 300 mm integrated circuit

: Shan Shan Guo, Yuan Yuan Jiang, Hao Zeng, Xiao Yong Wan, Yong Jun Li

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