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(PDF) Joining of the Laminated Electrical Steels in Motor

20201015 · method for welding of the electrical steel laminations in the high-performance motor applic ation [37,40,42,51,55]. Compared to the other fusion welding methods, laser welding could achieve a


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5000A/8000A/10000a Pneumatic Manual spot welding machine welding solder pin needle for battery pack; SWT-10000A Split-type Transistor Spot Welding Machine; ASWM-5430 Automatic Double Sides Spot Welding Machine; ASWM-5437 Automatic Single Side

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Production range. Output: Max 25,000kW. Voltage: Max. 13.8kV. Number of poles : Max 30P. Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz. Type: TEFC, TEAAC, TEWAC, ODP, WPI, WPII, Explosion-proof. NEMA Standard Motor (HV) NEMA Standard Motor (HV) Hyosung’s NEMA


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