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Material - SAE R30002

20221213 · Sub Group - SAE R30002 Cobalt-Based alloy Grade Belongs to the Industry - Casting Application - Intended for Valve, Pump, General Engineering,


Pipe R30002 - Manufacturing and delivering metals ...

202288 · Manufacturing and delivering metals. RedMetSplav LLC Yekaterinburg: R30002 - Pipe R30002 Our enterprise manufactures and delivers R30002 pipes Possible


UNS R30003 (ASTM F1058 Grade 1) Alloy ::

2020530 · UNS R30003 (ASTM F1058 Grade 1) Alloy. R30003 cobalt is a cobalt alloy. ASTM F1058 Grade 1 is the ASTM designation for this material. R30003 is the