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New Molybdenum Alloy Achieves Breakthrough in

2022224 · At room temperature, the yield strength of it is 920 MPa, 26% higher than titanium-zirconium-molybdenum (TZM) alloy currently used on the market. The total


Preparation of alumina/aluminide coatings on

2020815 · The Al-modified MoSi 2 /Al 2 O 3 coating was designed on molybdenum metal surface, and then its corrosion-resistant property was evaluated in a GTD111

: Liwei Zheng, Liwei Zheng, Enze Liu, Zhi Zheng, Likui Ning, Jian Tong, Zheng Tan

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Molybdenum (Mo) is the first choice for managing challenging thermal applications because of high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and mechanical strengths at elevated


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2023215 · Description of Cu/MoCu/Cu. Cu/MoCu/Cu is a sandwich composite similar to Cu/Mo/Cu, including a MoCu alloy core layer and two Copper clad layers. The normal